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John’s attorney will be seeking a stay of the current “order” of illegal confinement during the appeal filed on December 1, 2014 to Ohio’s Fourth District Court of Appeals.  Besides the legal grounds we ask for our support  by sending us your affidavits showing that John would have support in re-entering the community from an assortment of people both in and outside of Ohio.  Ideally we will have all the affidavits gathered up by January 5, 2015.


We don’t need for your affidavit of support to be lengthy and encourage supporters to use the attached template as a guide (click here).  You must wait to sign until you are actually in the presence of a notary. Individuals can participate in this, and so can organizations.  Once you have the statement notarized, please snail mail it to the following:


Free John Rohrer
c/o Karen Stanley
1 Windsor  Drive
Kingston, Ohio 45644


Feel free to pass along this information and this website to others.  If nothing else, your support in writing can generate a lot of needed discussion about how to get our judges and legislators accountable – to US – not to the psychiatrists.   For any questions or comments feel free to call John’s mother,  Katherine Hine at 614-633-0215.



You can encourage John himself by calling him at Appalachian Behavioral Healthcare between 9 a.m. and 11 p.m. at 740-594-5000.


When you call and hear the recording, press “0” and wait for a person to answer with the unit number.  Ask for “One North”.  When One North answers, ask for John Rohrer, and they will connect you, normally without even asking your name.

Link to affidavit template


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