SATURDAY, MARCH 25, Chillicothe, OH: FreeJohnRohrer protest

WHY DO WE KEEP GOING TO THE GESTAPO TO COMPLAIN THEY’RE BEATING US TOO HARD? Could we ever have expected the judges Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor appointed for John Rohrer would base decisions on fact and law when she rakes in $$$ from Big Pharma and the doctors who want decisions locking us up to push their drugs on us? Can courts be legitimate when they consistently create lies they call truth? Come help FreeJohnRohrer  – the rights they’re taking from him today may be yours they go after tomorrow. Saturday, March 25, 2017 – 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Ross County Courthouse, Chillicothe, Ohio. Join fellow citizens, take video, and learn about your rights. For more info:;, 513-485-5438 or, 614-633-0215.

Join us in Chillicothe Ohio, Saturday March 25 at 11am in solidarity! Here are the details!

SATURDAY, MARCH 25, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Chillicothe, Ohio: FreeJohnRohrer protest: In the 16th and 17th centuries government had the Malleus Maleficarum, a manual to diagnose a person as a “witch” – for those the government could justify exterminating. Today we have the DSM –psychiatry’s insurance billing manual. So now anyone targeted for a diagnosis of “mental illness” gets drugged & tortured for life by “government” at taxpayer expense. Not to worry – the DSM and Judge Michael W. Ward say it’s ok. Help us challenge the legitimacy of the witch hunt run by for-profit courts. Join fellow citizens, take video, and learn about your rights. Will you be next? For more info:;, 513-485-5438 or, 614-633-0215.

Radio show with Katherine Hine August 30, 2015 7-9 PM EASTERN

SUNDAY, AUGUST 307-9 P.M EASTERN TIME: BE THERE – MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Katherine Hine, host of 3 weekly broadcasts on, has been invited to be a guest on Marti Oakley’s Sunday night broadcast of Truth Squad.  Listen to Marti’s interview with Katherine Sunday evening online at .Scroll down a few inches until you see the line in large letters saying:
Listen to the live show (HERE!)
or listen to the show live on your phone by calling (917)388-4520

You can call in to the show during the second part, by calling the above number and then hitting “1”.  Katherine will be talking about WLJA and the issues she and Pastor Caleb cover on WLJA, especially on Bedlam in America, God’s Healing Bounty, and Who Judges the Judges.

Protest! January 21, 2015, Columbus, Ohio. Against Involuntary “Hospitalization”! Stand up for human rights!

A Peaceful Demonstration

Against Involuntary “Hospitalization”
And Forced
Without Due Process.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Rhodes State Office Tower Lobby

30 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43215

PLEASE READ:  *Any signage brought to the demonstration
must be hand held. Security considers sign ‘handles’ to be weapons. Peaceful
demonstrators do not need weapons. But civil rights violators could be easily confused.

Motion for Stay filed for John Rohrer

The motion for stay is a chance for John to be released from illegal incarceration at least temporarily pending his appeal.  It’s analogous to a person being wrongly convicted of a crime, and being allowed to post bond during the appeal of his conviction, where he can show he’s likely to win on appeal.  Here the “crime” is “mental illness” and we’re saying (a) there was never any evidence he was “guilty” of it; and (b) he’s already served almost six years for this alleged “crime.”

The full text of the legal document can be found in this website’s “pages” section here.

Listen to Katherine Hine, Esq, talk about John’s case on Blog Talk Radio’s “Talk With Tenney” show, now archived and available for listening

Please tune in to Talk With Tenney, a radio show you can access online from anywhere in the world. Lauren Tenney, PhD is the host and Katherine Hine, Esq, is the guest.

The show is now archived, so you can access the show is with your computer.

Here’s the link to the show with more information:

Please don’t hesitate to join us again sometime!